Tips for Job Hunting During COVID-19

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COVID-19 continues to dominate the media while raising serious questions around normalcy and will we ever return to what we had. The answer to that question is that we cannot go back to the ordinary life we had before due to a string of sudden unexpected events. The US recently claimed a new record of unemployment, and analysts say that it will take years to recover from this unstable market. Job hunting during this time is crucial.

A man walking on street and searching for jobs.
A man Job Hunting During COVID-19

Despite the current market, career experts are counseling job seekers to keep at it in their search. A change in economy and priorities mean the creation of new jobs and an increase in demand for workers. More and more businesses will start to explore remote work as the norm, which gives opportunities to new grad students to equip themselves with updated skillsets; hence options for job searching will become more abundant.

Here’s how you can increase your chances of landing a job during this pandemic:

  • Get Started on Online Networking

In a panic-stricken job market, the best thing you can do is to build relationships with recruiters, attend virtual career fairs, seeking out like-minded individuals. Anything that brings you in the spotlight of professionals in a flattering fashion is encouraged. Keep checking job boards and online postings. Join professional groups online and observe what topics are being discussed in the forums. This would be your opportunity to introduce yourself to that group by contributing to the issue or generating a healthy debate about something buzzworthy in your industry.

  • Join Professional Groups Online

Keep an eye out for professional groups to join on LinkedIn and Facebook. Some groups are very general; for example, LinkedIn’s Remote Workers posts work from home jobs. The more specific your search, the better the results; for example, you can try searching for “best Facebook/LinkedIn groups for [field/job title].” A good rule of thumb is checking the number of members. Member count tends to be a good tale about any group if it’s active or benefits the members upon joining. 

  • Respond Directly to Other Professionals

Being straightforward is a useful attribute, especially now when everything is happening online in real-time. You never know when you are going to let an opportunity slip by. Direct message those you want to connect with, like a superior in a post you yearn to be. But it also essential to interact a little before you message them. Introduce yourself and have a modest attitude.

  • Enhance Your Skills

This is the perfect time and opportunity to work on strengthening your qualifications. Analyze what skills are in demand in the market and start considering if you have that specific skill. It may be a skill you acquired years ago but need brushing up now, as well. During recessions, educational institute enrolment surged. This tells us that workers went back to learn newer skills to have a more attractive resume. MOOCs (Mass Open Online Courses) and online boot camps are at your disposal, so take the time and opportunity to update your skills.

  • Stay in Touch with Hiring Managers and Employers

If you applied for a job, the company had to move to a remote working system, and the hiring manager hasn’t reached out to you. Follow up with a short note and acknowledge the shortcomings of the current situation. You could say that you’re looking forward to learning more when it makes sense for their organization.

Expressing your sympathy for the hiring manager for what he or she may be struggling with demonstrates a thoughtful attitude. The idea is to connect with people on a human level, letting them know that they aren’t alone in this fight. Your email can state that you wanted to reach out to see if there’s anything you could do for the recruiter as they have been very generous with their time.

Tap into any specific skill that a hiring manager would use at this time and mention that. You could highlight how your expertise would benefit the company. There are other methods to stay in touch with recruiters; for example, you could follow him on professional online profiles and get an idea of what type of person he is. Engage him with likes and comments, which show the recruiter what kind of an employee you are.

  • Experiment Freelancing

Freelancing is a great way to earn small gigs and keep the cash flowing in for a while. With significant companies laying off full-time workers, they are looking to hire contractors or freelancers instead. You’d be able to work for a variety of clients, build a diverse portfolio, and learn how to market yourself. 

  • Reflect and Consider Your Urgency

As a job seeker, it is our second nature to jump at the first available opportunity. Often we don’t consider what we want to do next. If you can afford to put your job search on hold, you may wish the market to settle down. If you are currently employed, then think about how you can try to enjoy your current job. The chances are that the next post you’ll get would be short-term, so consider your options and decisions.

Use this time by getting clarity about where you want to work and the type of responsibilities you’re seeking. With the ever-changing nature of the market, you’ll need to consider your role more broadly and shift to adjacent positions that would also make use of your experience and skills.

It’s okay to be concerned, but there is no benefit in worrying about things that are out of our control. You can create a job-hunting system to let you regain control over the simple things in life. You are majorly starting from setting daily and weekly goals to keep you moving. Keep building relationships and continue networking to find referrals into jobs. And lastly, make sure to take care of yourself. Sustaining a healthy body and a positive attitude is essential when your job hunting. If you are looking for jobs in Singapore. Check out Collabera website where we have open jobs in Java with Frontend, Java Spring boot, Core Java, Cloud Automation


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