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Telecom leader adopts robotic process automation (RPA) for efficient & effective tracking of violations.


The Telecom provider was looking to automate various business processes that track violations including property taxes, water bills, health and hazardous parameters, based on user stories and bring-in efficiencies. These processes were time-consuming & labor-intensive which led to increased error rates.


Collabera partnered with the telecom provider to develop Robotic Process Automation based bot farm using Automation Anywhere platform. The bot farm consisted of bots that could crawl, retrieve, compare, track, report error logs and trigger notifications, thus fulfilling compliance checks effectively. This also increased traffic on the internal bot-marketplace for submission of new user stories for automation.

The built-in Bot analytics enabled to track & fine-tune the performance of the bot on an ongoing basis
Tech Stack: Automation Anywhere


  • Effective tracking of violations & timely resolution

  • 65% improvement in process efficiencies

  • Growing internal bot-marketplace with new user stories led to an increase in automation of varied processes

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