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With the ever-evolving technology ecosystems, talent acquisition and management have become a major bottleneck in the digital transformation journeys of organizations. Having a deep understanding of the dynamic nature of the skill market and the gaps between the job-roles and skills, Collabera has designed the JUMP program, providing the much-required agility and flexibility to the organizations in scaling with customized, digital- ready future proof workforce.


Transform your talent fulfillment and successfully hire talent that enables you to scale all your transformation goals.

Training and development are the primary fuel for a motivated workforce, and acquiring unique, digitally native talent is the first step towards getting ahead in the technology landscape.
Collabera JUMP can help you do both at the same time. We provide a three-pronged offering of hiring, training, and deployment of fresh graduates and professionals, that can be customized for your business so that you get skilled talent ready to take on challenges immediately. Working with the best trainers from Cognixia, our talent transformation company, to bridge the gap between industry experts and technically trained freshers, we make sure that they match your expectations.

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  • Access to a digitally ready workforce that can be deployed immediately
  • A Workforce that has been trained in soft skills and behavioral training
  • Transformation of talent acquisition strategy aligned to the future of work
Absolute digital transformation ensues when people and organizations collectively align their mindsets towards the future and not just retrofit for the present. Collabera is committed to driving and influencing this agile mindset to fundamentally change enterprises and their digital DNA, helping them future– proof the workforce.
Whether it is upgrading your teams in tomorrow’s technologies or helping them perform better with advanced skillsets, Collabera JUMP can help create an agile workforce and stay ahead in the technology curve.

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  • Customized training solutions to suit the needs of your organization
  • Skilling your workforce in new age and exponential technologies with flexible training models
  • Leading enterprise digital empowerment via digitally enabled workforce
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We work with your key stakeholders to effect digital talent transformation via an optimized, four-step process

  • Isolate skill gaps and build a roadmap towards clear talent transformation milestones
  • Build programs tailored to your organization’s specific needs and talent objectives
  • Technical, soft skills and behavioral training through an agile approach
  • Periodic assessments and deployment post the final evaluation


24/7 Learning support

We’re available anytime — anywhere — to help you.

Hands-on training experience

A perfect balance of theoretical and practical training.

Flexible & interactive modes of training

We offer corporate classroom and live virtual training.

Industry veterans as trainers

We maintain a full team of trainers with knowledge and industry experience.

State-of-the-art infrastructure

Proudly providing cutting-edge and constantly updated infrastructure. Lifetime access to our learning management system.