Staff Augmentation

At Collabera, we just not hire the BEST INDUSTRY TALENT but the RIGHT PEOPLE who best fit with your existing workforce.

From past 25 years and counting, Collabera has been known as one of the premier staffing agencies in Singapore. It has been catering its professional recruitment services to Fortune 500 and many mid-sized organizations. It offers a plethora of staff augmentation services to its clients and helps them have a right workforce balance they deserve.

Whether you belong to domains like financial services, manufacturing, retail, energy and utility services, communication and media, telecommunication services, Collabera is here to deliver highquality staff augmentation services in a cost-effective manner. We work directly with your HR team, understand every assignment’s demands with utmost care and then screen the most qualified and experienced personnel from our extensive candidate database to suit your requirement.

Whenever our clients are faced with a shortage of manpower, inability to deliver on time or are in a need for customized solutions, we help them upscale and downscale based on their requirements. Our staff augmentation solutions are perfect when it comes to accomplishing special or seasonal projects without the need to go through complex hiring processes and paying taxes and benefits for a full-time employee.

We do not just focus on filling the vacant positions nor just do we try to be “Everything for everyone”. We match right candidates with right employers with an aim to achieve higher talent retention rate, reduced staffing cost, improved quality, and increased responsiveness.

Join us today to help you find the best talent.

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