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Remodeling cloud and data infrastructure enabling faster scalability for a leading pharmaceutical company


A leading pharmaceutical services company wanted to upgrade their cloud and data infrastructure including re-architecting a few of the services. The client’s goals included faster scalability to allow for market expansion plus cost savings compared to the current cloud solution.


Collabera stepped in with a technology-agnostic perspective of business needs, reviewed the existing setup and operations and recommended the most suitable operating model. The client’s existing process fed a Web application hosted on cloud containing multiple inbound and outbound integration consisting of over 100 mappings and workflows. Our technologists set up Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3, Amazon EMR, Amazon Aurora and AWS Athena and transitioned the existing technology stack from Informatica and Oracle to Amazon RDS. We migrated the database from Oracle to Postgres while the extract, transform and load (ETL) data integration processes migrated from on premise Informatica to AWS Glue.
Tech Stack: Amazon EMR, AWS Athena, Amazon Aurora, AWS Glue, AWS S3, Postgres


The remodeled cloud and data architecture produced better business outcomes for the pharma company and faster scalability for market expansion:
  • On completion of the training, 13 out of 20 candidates were selected for the deployment.

  • Resources trained and deployed with the shortest TAT of 4 weeks, enabling client to be on track with their project

  • Trained team was able to complete overall development of digital platform and improve the UI of the platform to make it user friendly which in turn enhanced the customer experience.

Collabera’s 120-member team of experts continues developing new modules and providing support for the existing applications.
Collabera has co-engineered and helped numerous organizations succeed in their digital transformation and experience efforts. Talk to us about improving your processes.

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