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Permanent Staffing

We find the best Technicians, Accountants and Programmers

Since 1991, Collabera has been at the pinnacle of Permanent Placements for clients across verticals like IT, ITES, Retail, Manufacturing, Government, Oil and Natural Gas, Energy and Power and others worldwide. Spread through 60+ offices across the United States, Canada, the UK, India, Singapore, Malaysia, and Philippines.

We have been helping businesses scale by finding the best suited candidature for their personnel requirements. Be it a professional on contract, contract to permanent, or the permanent placement – we’ve delivered on all these SLA. Hiring an employee on a permanent or full-time basis is the most challenging task for companies as these resources need to fit more than mere Time, budget and Need. We feel our clients looking to place employees need them to be culturally aligned. Whether it’s a B2B venture, B2C or Hybrid, the perfect candidate must learn to grow with our client organizations.

What makes us different from our competitors is Collabera understands our client thoroughly. We weigh and measure our client requirements in terms of technology they use, their culture, their work pattern, work hours, policies, their conversion funnels, hierarchy, and what values they follow. Further, we probe into team strengths and weaknesses. Based on these calibrations, Collabera makes sure our clients get the perfect prospected candidate.

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