Communication and Media

There is no surprise that the communication and media industry is the most impacted industries because of the rise of technologies like Internet of Things, Big Data and cloud computing. Communication and Media industry, in particular, is experiencing the most changes in terms of technologies and tools that they use. All these changes offers a lot of opportunities but also presents some challenges like the shortage of trained resources.

Collabera has a long history of working with communication and media companies and it thoroughly understand the exact needs of the companies in this sector. Collabera has been a partner with over 10 Fortune 500 communication and media companies. Collabera has a team of managers and recruiters who understand the requirements of communication and media companies like the back of their hands.

“Collabera has been providing services for more than 15 years on a constantly high level, supporting our growth and expansion. They are still one of our two main suppliers. I am impressed by their dedicated service and quick response to changing needs”, SVP, a global communications company.

Supported Key Areas of Communication and Media Industry

  • Communication
  • LTE
  • Network security
  • Mobile applications
  • Radio communication
  • Design and testing of computer hardware
  • VOIP
  • Intelligent Security and Infrastructure (Network management, VPN, cloud, etc.)
  • Media
  • Aggregation of content
  • Content management and Administration
  • Editorial and Content
  • Content delivery system
  • Sales and marketing
  • Asset management



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