How Recruitment Companies like Collabera Poland Can Master the Art of Talent Acquisition

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How Recruitment Companies like Collabera Poland Can Master the Art of Talent Acquisition

Hiring for Multiple Positions in Poland?

As a HR manager of an organization, you are always looking for the right talent. A leader or an executive, a boardroom member or a shop floor employee, an enterprising person or a strategist, there can be different needs for multiple positions and vacancies across a big organization.

Talent acquisition is that one quality you will always want your partnering staffing agency or your in house HR team to master.  What exactly talent acquisition comprises of? Is it about communicating your messages to prospective employees effectively so that your future hiring needs are addressed? Or is it about connecting with candidates across all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc?

Well, the right talent acquisition strategy is a mix of all or some of the above-mentioned methods. As a staffing agency, you should master all of these and use them appropriately as per the requirements of your clients, their industry, domain and purpose of hiring. Here are a few ways you can create a good talent acquisition model:

Realigning Company Employees

  • Do not underestimate your current employee pool. Many time’s organizations like yours are busy looking for talent outside the organization whereas the talent gold mine exists inside the organization. A little bit of realignment in roles and redefining the priorities of a particular employee can fill in a vacant position in the company. However, this may require you to communicate to the employee in a positive way about the change. You collaborating staffing services company can guide you on the way such delicate situations should be handled. Once the employee is convinced that the newly defined role is good for him and the company he is sure to give is 100 percent to the job.

Tap into Ex-employee Database

  • There might be an ex-employees waiting to come back: Ex-employee database is a very valuable asset for a company. Your ex-employees are your true brand ambassadors. It is extremely critical to be in touch with them even with they leave your organization. You never know what changes may come up in his or her career. Recruitment and staffing companies like ours always ask for such resources and develop a strategy to engage with the ex-employees on a regular basis. This becomes another pool of data for talent acquisition.

#Social #Media Connect Database

  • Utilize the free social media connects: A lot of good leads can be found freely on the social media websites. Use a sound strategy to create a positive perception of your organization on the social media. Take the help of your employment agencies and recruitment companies to create a dedicated team that works on social media leads. It helps pull candidates on the Collabera Poland website instead of pushing them to look at adverts on other job portals.

Candidate Applications – Collabera Poland Portal

  • Do not ignore the applicants who voluntarily signed up for your company. Lot of applicants applies for different positions in the company through company website or career pages. This is a great pool of resources waiting to be explored. Ask your recruiting companies to keep a track of all the applicants and create a database of relevant applications. There might be the other set of people who would have signed up for a newsletter or through another form on your website. Though not active, these are good leads for passive talents. Explore, engage and try to understand what each candidate is doing and what interests him. Engage with them at the right time when the opportunity strikes.

At Collabera we are ‘not just another IT staffing agency’ – we manage IT services for your Polish company/branch. We source the best talent for you consistently listening to your grievances and suggestions on what kind of candidate can help you most. Collabera is one of the best global staffing companies. It has more than 25 years of experience in supporting small, medium, and enterprise clients including Fortune 500 clients. Collabera has the team of experts who know everything about hiring candidates along with exposure to hiring and placing candidates in various geographies and skills. Be it technical or functional, Collabera ensures that the job seeker gets the perfect company in the least possible time and in the most efficient manner.


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