Managed Service Provider Who Can Help You Secure IT Business Networks at Poland

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Managed Service Provider Who Can Help You Secure IT Business Networks at Poland

Struggling to balance Information Security & Digital Technology Upgrades? May be you need an extra hand…

Collabera Poland believes technology rally is no more about the financial muscle to invest in latest digital platforms, it is more about sustaining the speed of changes that occur in the digital world and keeping your information secure at all times.

Data security after all is of paramount importance to technology companies and other industries. Manage your company Data Frameworks with our team’s extended help. A data breach can hurt your bottom line as well as damage your image. However not many companies take the data breaches seriously. The situation is worse in small and medium sized enterprises.

Never Compromise on Data Lapses

Make Sure you reach out to us beforehand. Small data security lapses go un-noticed or are ignored. These small lapses can cost the company in a big way. Burying your head in the sand is definitely not a good option for companies. Every company should embrace basic technical controls to keep business sensitive information safe.

Cyber-attacks can be prevented with the help of a robust Managed Service Provider Company. A managed service provider company provides information technology services on contract basis. Its business model primarily rests on three pillars – Manage, Monitor and Support. Proactive maintenance, systems monitoring, remote and onsite support are some of the tasks a managed service company does for a client.

Robust and secure systems by IT managed services companies

Framework to manage risk: MSPs have a well structured and tested framework to identify and manage cyber risks. After identification, MSPs can help you mitigate that risk with the help if advanced systems solutions and technology skills. Their strong firewall allows you to defend any cyber breach. Intrusion detection, data loss prevention and other protection systems make your organization ready to fight the deadliest of the cyber challenges.

Superior IT infrastructure:

MSPs invest in creating a world-class IT infrastructure. This is important to take care of a variety of problems and situations that a client may face related to information technology. It can range from need of more storage and cloud space, requirement of higher bandwidth for a particular promotion campaign or coming up with a digital innovation to fight the fierce competition. A robust IT infrastructure is surely the backbone of a reputed IT managed service provider

Employee education: 

Errors can happen even internally. An oversight or a faux pas by an employee can lead to a series of security failures. It is important to educate the employees of dos and don’ts of the internet handling. A cyber policy is a must for all companies. Your MSP can guide you in preparing a robust policy and implementing it across the organization. It is extremely critical to sensitize the employees about the policy and make them understand the dangers of social engineering or phishing.

Quality of service:

 IT industry is such where an issue can come up without warning. A good managed service company will give you the ease of a round-the-clock service facility. You can dial in any time of the day and year and can be assured of solutions immediately. When a client knows that you are available for him all the time, he trusts you better and consider you as his true partner. A good service also gives your client to expand his IT services further to his customers and this leads to strengthening your relationship with the client. Undoubtedly a good and robust service team is extremely important differentiator for a managed service provider company.

Data Breach Reporting: 

 This can be a bit tricky. How do you communicate to your partner that a data breach has occurred and some of your sensitive information is stolen. While this is more about actions taken after the data breach has occurred, it is important that you and your MSP be prepared for such a situation in advance. This will allow you to have a plan ready to combat any situation and protect your company’s image. For eg inform your partners about a cyber attack before they read it in next day’s newspaper. Involve your partners in finding the solution. Seek their support and address their queries if any related to the data loss.

 Information Technology Network Support

A managed service provider company provides information technology network support and management services on contract basis. Proactive maintenance, systems monitoring, remote and onsite support are some of the tasks a managed service company does with ease for a client.

The services also offer cost benefit. You will spend a fixed monthly fee on the managed services companies. By opting for this you save on large capital expenditures that come with setting up in-house storage, security, network bandwidth, etc overheads.

IT managed Services by Collabera Poland also offers high flexibility to scale up when necessary or scale down and save cost when you need to consolidate. Be it a Java program based Application Migration or a Legacy IT application Migration – We at Collabera Poland can help you move it all on Cloud.

24X7 Client Support

Excellent service support is an added advantage of working with IT managed services partner. You can expect better continuity of service and a 24X7 service. The round the clock support ensures your company has a competitive advantage in the market.

You do not have to worry about IT security and compliance issues. MSPs have networks and data centre’s that are resilient to systems failures and security breaches.  A reputed managed service provider has robust security and compliance practices to ensure that your firewall is always up to date and data is always protected.

Application Co-engineering Services

At Collabera, our technical expertise remains our dominant strength. Our team of experts provides a unique blend of services to our clients in the field of Application Co-engineering Services, Network and Infrastructure Management, Big Data and Analytics, End User Services, Cloud COE, Agile Transformation and DevOps and Integrated PMO Services.

You can be assured of outstanding outsourcing experience with Collabera. Our services are cost effective, well researched, technically superior and extremely secure. We have client certified and secured proximity development centres in U.S. and APAC region that enable us to offer scalable, flexible and secure IT managed services. Collabera’s IT managed services allows clients to focus on their core competencies without worrying about smooth functioning of their IT functions.


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