Employer Branding – The Virtue Of A Great Staffing Firm

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Employer Branding – The Virtue Of A Great Staffing Firm

Employer Branding – The Virtue Of A Great Staffing Firm

Employer branding may not be the top priority for a talent acquisition firm or a staffing solutions company. But it is increasingly become a great asset for recruiting companies to be able to differentiate themselves from other run-of-the-mill employment agencies.

It is a challenging area for a staffing firm, especially because recruitment companies are agencies working outside the organisation. For them to internalise the ethos of a company and create a great perception of it in front of the employees is a huge task.

However, employer branding is immensely useful for staffing services companies to attract new talent. It makes complete business sense for staffing companies to learn the tricks of the trade and get adept at employer branding practices.

In simple words, employer branding is the practice of making an organisation the employer of choice for a targeted group that the company wants to recruit and retain. Here are a few tips that can get you started on this wonderful journey of creating a great employer brand.

Employee advocacy

Sharing employee-generated content is a great way to engage with your prospective employees. After all, there can be no better testimonial than hearing positively from your own employees. Sharing of articles, pictures, quotes etc of current employees on external media platforms can be a great start to creating a great employer brand.

Social media savvy content

Everyone these days is glued to social media. Ask your employees to use hashtags appropriately while posting office-related content on social media. Ask them to tag friends so that they know how much fun it is to be with your organisation.

It all begins right at on-boarding

Onboarding itself is a great opportunity to create that first impression. Responsible recruitment agencies make the best of such opportunities. Create a clear onboarding guide or a booklet for your employees mentioning the way they can communicate to the outside world online about your company.

The role of a recruitment agency in employer branding can range from that of a consultant to an executive. Try to advise your clients what are the current trends in the market related to employer branding, what are the competitors up to or what does the employee prefer.

At Collabera we are not just another staffing agency. We source the best talent for you. We work as your partner in becoming the employer of choice. We take care of fundamentals of hiring like reaching out to candidates, negotiating salary rates, setting career expectations, checking skill-sets and other hiring complexities. Besides these, we strive to become a collaborator who can advise you on strategic HR solutions and keep you ahead of your competitors.

Collabera has a highly dedicated, qualified and trained team of professionals who thoroughly understand various technologies and the needs of the clients. Our strength lies in identifying candidates with an ideal blend of technical skills and relevant experience. Our years of experience and unmatched quality centric approach, can become your competitive advantage and help you realise your full business potential.

Collabera is one of the best global staffing companies. It has more than 25 years of experience in supporting small, medium, and enterprise clients including Fortune 500 clients. Collabera has the team of experts who know everything about hiring candidates along with exposure to hiring and placing candidates in various geographies and skills. Be it technical or functional, Collabera ensures that the job seeker gets the perfect company in the least possible time and in the most efficient manner.


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