A Guide To The Staffing Services In Singapore

If you are the one who is moving to Singapore for work, the Singapore economy has a lot of employment opportunities for you in various industries. The industries like IT, tourism- medical and business is growing strongly like never before. The IT a hub of Singapore is already an established hub generating about 2.2 billion SGD every year. Singapore’s economy offers robust employment opportunities in Tourism, Construction, healthcare, Communications and media, Banking and Finance. These are the major industries which provide employment to the people living in Singapore and to the expats.Permanent placement

What are laws associated with staffing in Singapore?

Before you plan to work in Singapore, you must be fully aware of the labours laws that are applicable here. Although the labour laws are not stringent and restrictive in the country of Singapore, having a basic knowledge of laws is quite important. The permanent staffing agencies that operate in Singapore can guide you through those laws. The companies in Singapore chose to work with foreign nationals because it is cheaper for them to invest. Because of this specific reason, the government of Singapore is trying to tighten the rules for employers to provide the best work experience to the employees. The Employment Act governs employment law in Singapore.

These are the legislation applicable in Singapore

  • The Industrial relations Act
  • The trade Unions act
  • The Retirement and reemployment act
  • The child development co-savings act
  • The employment claims tribunal act
  • The workplace safety and health act
  • The work injury compensation act
  • The central provident fund act
  • The employment of foreign manpower act


The Ministry of Manpower, the National Trade Union Congress, The Singapore National Employers Federation form the tripartite alliance to encourage the employers to follow the employment laws. The employment contracts in Singapore need not have to be in writing and can be communicated verbally.

What are the skills that a company looks for?

Apart from this, you must be aware of the few policies that are governing the market in Singapore. We have listed it down here-

  • Compliance– there has been a much increase for banking products and services, so if you possess the right skills related to compliance and risk functions, you can earn within the range of $10000-17000 monthly.
  • IT skills– If you have a good knowledge of programming, coding of the cybersecurity and user experience design, you can easily get into the IT sector. The government introduces programmes every year so that people could learn new skill sets and adapt to evolving job demands. IT Sector is considered amongst the highest paying sectors in Singapore.
  • Healthcare and Life sciences– The country offers a lot of employment opportunities in physiotherapy and nursing. If you are someone who wants to make a good career in this segment, Singapore is the best place for you.
  • Communications and Media– ‘Global Media City’ is the name given to Singapore now. At present, there are over 500 national and international media companies which have 75000 employees. Everything is becoming digital everywhere. The collection of data and providing operational support needs a network to interact with the customers. This factor defines the importance of digitalization.
  • Analytical Skills- Companies hire candidates who have excellent analytical skills. The interviewer usually gives you a situation and asks you to tackle it. The job of the interviewer is to assess you by understanding your capabilities and skills you possess. It is important for you to develop your analytical skills regularly that would benefit you in the future. You can implement these analytical skills that you are learning and generate income for your company. By doing this, you will also satisfy the job requirements and the company’s expectations.


Why opt for contracts?

Most of the employers in Singapore prefer the contract staff. The reason that you must opt for contracts is that the recruitment process is quicker than hiring permanent staff. You can easily hire someone based upon their previous work exposure. If you have a project which needs to be completed in a particular duration of time, the contract staffing is a better idea. A contractual staff will be able to choose the assignment as per the interest or requirement, leading to more flexibility in terms of their working life.

Why opt for permanent staffing?


As an employer, you can hire permanent staff. There are lots of benefits that an employer enjoys by hiring permanent staffs. A permanent employee has job security and numerous career development options. The responsibility of permanent staff is much more related to organizational commitments. If you are a company or permanent staffing agency, it will take more time for you to recruit a permanent employee. The selection process is longer when compared to contract staffing. These employees will join the company for their career development and long-term goals.


Tips for you to take the right decision

Whether you want to become a permanent employee or a contractual staff, the choice is yours.

  • If you are working on a contract basis in a company, the company might overlook your career goals making you learn things independently. In terms of flexibility and work-life balance, things will be at your discretion.
  • If you are permanent staff, the company will offer you more job security. For permanent staff, companies provide resources for career development.

In Singapore, if you are a contractual employee, you might not enjoy privileges like bonuses, medical insurances, and other facilities that permanent employees enjoy. The contractual workers are usually recruited on ad-hoc or project basis.

How Collabera helps you in finding job opportunities in Singapore?


Collabera is a permanent placement services company which can help you with the permanent and contractual staffing solution. We provide services like- Staff Augmentation, Permanent Staffing, Master Vendor services, Managed IT Services, IT Development and Training. Established in 1991, it has 50 offices across the globe. We also help offshore candidates who are looking for job opportunities in Singapore and interview for them using digital technologies like Skype, Facebook, etc. You can also search for job opportunities online by using our user-friendly website.

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