3 things you must do to have a successful job interview on video during COVID-19

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3 things you must do to have a successful job interview on video during COVID-19

Video Interview during Covid-19

•    It solves the problem of face to face interview since it is not always possible to take the face to face interview. If the recruitment is done in such a location, were reaching on the date is not possible for the employer is not possible then this system of video interview benefits the employer. 

•    Video interviews help to meet a good number of candidate and also helps to maintain their data along with the interview. 

•    A board of employers can be added in the video interview with the conference mode. This process helps to bring an important member of the company on board while hiring an employee.

•    The video interview can be done at any time of the day when both the parties are available for the interview. This is why there are no conflicts in the scheduling of the interview. 

•    Video interviews are also cost saving. There is no need for the transport cost, venue cost the only requirement is a device with a proper internet connection that can run video calls.

•    Video interviews also save time of traveling.

•    Recruiters can have a record of the video interview and run it, again and again, to judge the candidate better.

•    Video interviews also speak about the activeness of the candidate in social media and how fluent the candidate is with the virtual society.

•    Video interview helps to understand the candidate with their gesture and the way of talking which is not possible in a telephonic interview. 

Video interview benefits for the candidates

•    It saves the cost of traveling. In many cases, the candidate has to travel quite a long distance for the interview. But the use of a video interview has made them give the interview from their convenient place. 

•    The video interview has helped the candidate to apply for an overseas job and give the interview from. Their home country. Which in turn helps them to know about their eligibility for working in that company and also helps them to prepare better.

•    Video interviews helps to grow confidence because the candidate can see the recruiters and understand their way of communicating to answer them properly. 

•    The candidate doesn’t have the fear of being late in the interview because with a device and internet connection the candidate can easily give an interview from any place. 

As we have already mentioned that the concept of video interview has brought a revolutionary change in the world of recruitment there are some common benefits that are yet to be discussed. These benefits are for both the employer and the candidate. Not only the candidate and the employer but the development of a video interview has helped the recruitment industry in several methods. Here are some common benefits that the recruitment industry has got from a video interview.

Common benefits of a video interview

•    It has opened a better way to get a job overseas. Previously the interview for the overseas job used to happen over the call or the candidate has to travel thus much distance just for an interview. But now with the blessing of the video interview system, any overseas interview can happen easily and with a better experience. 

•    The video interview is making the recruitment process faster. Like the other recruitment tools and software, the video interview system makes the recruitment process faster. It does not occupy the time to travel and make the setup at the interview venue. 

•    The video interview completely the digital recruitment process. Basically, there are a number of tools or software that has turned the recruitment process digital but the only interview was done physically not virtually. Telephonic interview concept was there but still, after the telephonic interview, some companies used to take interview physically but now with the help of video interview the companies are able to recruit a candidate completely digitally. This digital concept has also made the whole process complete and fast.

It is already mentioned before that everything in this world has some positive and negative side. So during the process of the video interview, the employer or the recruiter faces some challenges which are quite prominent but can be found a solution. But before finding the solution you must know what are the challenges that a recruiter or employer may have to face in connection to the video interview.

Challenges of a video interview

•    In a video interview the candidate may act different but in real life during work they may act differently. This is why it is not always safe to hire through a video interview. 

•    There might be a number of candidates who are not having the appropriate device and internet connection that can run the video interview process. The candidate may be good but, in such case, the candidate cannot be interviewed. 

•    The company may ask for a video interview but not all recruitment agencies are having the setup to conduct a video interview. This is why the process gets slow to arrange the same. 

•    During a video interview due to a poor data connection, the interview may get interrupted. This causes a delay in the interview schedule and the delay continues to end. 

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